Bringing Solutions to Work
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Our Coaching Approach

Bringing solutions to work

Executive and performance coaching helps you find the solutions you need to make life and work to be productive.

Typically this will involve face to face and telephone meetings and can include residential "get away" facilitated learning opportunities ranging from luxury accommodation to a night in a cave and everything in between.

Coaching provides the opportunity for someone to walk with you through the difficult times as well as help you make the most of your opportunities.

Your critical friend will help put life in your control.

Whether it's walking in the desert, climbing a mountain or simply sitting, we will help you reflect on those critical life path decisions your  journey  starts here...........

Retreat coaching provides an alternative inspirational approach to the traditional "sit and question" method. We have been using our "walk and talk" technnique for many years in some of the world's beautiful places, providing an opportunity to get away from the distractions of the office environment.

Walking alongside you, we explore your potential goals or rediscover the values that make you and your company distinctive.

We can help you as an employee understand and engage with company objectives and go on to perform with excellence.


















At Taylor Made Solutions we have developed our own coaching model to help frame our conversations with you; CLIMB is a result of our own experiences and research into ideas and concepts from the worlds best coaching models. Without the “L”, the model and the word make no sense – Listening is what brings both to life.

We use the model to help us:

  • Listen and stay with you as you start the journey.
  • Remind you of your journey aims and key destinations when you forget and  help you readjust them if necessary.
  • Celebrate your achievements  and determine how far you have come on your chosen route.

Where appropriate we use specialist personal development techniques  such as Myers-Briggs Type Indicator or the Tipping Point analysis.

We can skype, email, text, tweet, or phone you on your journey or walk with, write to or drink coffee with you as you reflect on the place left and the destination ahead.